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3-Pack Green Canned Heat

DIY Entertaining

Count on Sterno to make your next event a memorable one

New! S’mores Making Station

Everyone loves S’mores.

Introducing our new family fun product, the ‘S’mores Maker’.

Sterno Inferno

Ideal Companions

Camping? Picnicking? Tailgating? Sterno brings the heat to all your outdoor events!

100hr Emergency Soft Light Liquid Candle

Are You Ready?

Let us help you through your next weather-related emergency

Mercy Chefs

A Partnership for Care

Learn more about our efforts with Mercy Chefs and how you can get involved

Explore Sterno

Yes we can!

In 1914, we introduced the world to the first mass-produced portable warming product—vastly improving the quality of entertaining, camping and emergency preparedness for generations.

Can of Duty

Sterno Canned Heat was provided to our solders during war times to be used for cooking, warmth and light on the frontline

One Can. Many Uses.

Sterno Fuels are safe for indoor and outdoor use. Our cans are equipped with a gel formula to prevent spills and a SmartCan Heat Indicator, letting you know when the can is too hot to touch. No matter the occasion, Sterno Fuels will meet your needs.

Social Fuel.

It’s Your Time. We just want to be the fan that fuels your energy.

Social Buzz

Get connected to the Sterno Fuel

Sterno TV

All about making things easier because "It’s Your Time"

Our company is fueled by imagination and driven by shared values that form the core of our character and corporate practices.

Sterno Products, 1880 Compton Avenue, Ste. 101, Corona, CA 92881