hello here222 Sterno Butane Fuel W/TSV
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Sterno Butane Fuel W/TSV

Sterno Butane Fuel W/TSV

Sterno Butane delivers new innovative safety technology!

  Product Benefits

  • Protect Your Operations, Guests, and Property with this New Innovative Safety System
  • This Unique Dual Safety System Contains Temperature Sensing Valve (TSV) & Rim Vent Release (RVR) Technologies
  • TSV Safety Shuts Off the Flame if the Stove is being Misused & Overheating
  • RVR is a Back-Up Safety Technology Protecting an Unused Can from Over-Pressuring
  • Compatible with All Sterno Butane Appliances
  • Delivers Up to 4 Performance Hours

  SDS and Manuals

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