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What type of fuel can I use in my Sterno S’mores Maker?

S’mores Heat™ is the only fuel that can be used with the Sterno S’mores Maker. S’mores Heat™ has been specifically designed for use with the Sterno S’mores Maker.  S’mores Heat™is equipped witha proprietary ring that holds it securely in place when used in the S’mores Maker. The use of any other fuel (including other Sterno branded fuels) may put users and their property at risk.
The S’mores Maker is designed with a unique Heat Management System (HMS). When used according to instructions, the HMS protects users from accidental burns and property from damage. It does this by providing a secure fuel holder for the S’mores Heat that suspends it above the serving surface and keeps it from tipping over. The Roasting Screen that rests over the exposed flame adds another layer of protection without compromising marshmallow roasting performance.


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