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Sterno is here for the party too.

Whether you’re having the whole family over for Thanksgiving or it’s your year to host the neighborhood Super Bowl party, we have you covered. When it comes to serving hot, delicious food to the people you love look no further than Sterno. We have all the tools you need to make your next holiday meal or party a memory that will last a lifetime!

Let Sterno entertain you

Say I do with Sterno.

From the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the last dance, weddings are an incredible time. The sore muscles from dancing, the new friends you made and most importantly the food, are all important moments that make weddings so special. Many people look forward the great food at weddings, let Sterno help with their variety of buffet kits.

Sterno’s RSVP – Attending!

Summer is a time for barbeques, a time to bring all your friends and family together. The fresh air, the outdoor games, and the smell of food cooking will be engraved in your head for a lifetime. Sterno Family has a variety of products that will make your next backyard barbeque a hit. Get yourself a Sterno Family cooking gel to help you save some time and energy.

Fun with fondue.

Everyone deserves a night to themselves. Sterno has the necessities to host a successful fondue night. Sterno Family’s Fondue Fuel is safe for the environment and easy to use. The fuel is water soluble and biodegradable. Not to mention, it can be used in any fondue pot. Enjoy a night to yourself with some delicious, fun to eat food.

Our company is fueled by imagination and driven by shared values that form the core of our character and corporate practices.

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